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Gynecologist in dubai doctor Alphy

Dr. Alphy S Puthiyidom

MD (Obs & Gyn) , FMIS(Laparoscopy)
Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgeon
Urogynecology and Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeon

Dr. Alphy S. Puthiyidom is a gynecologist in Dubai UAE with expertise in advanced and complex laparoscopic and hysteroscopic Surgery, pelvic reconstructive, and urogynecology surgery. She is often contacted as a tertiary referral for difficult surgical cases.

Our Areas of Expertise

Endometriosis Excision Surgery

Adenomyosis Treatment

Minimally Invasive Fibroid Surgery

Laparoscopic Cervical Cerclage in Recurrent Pregnancy Loss


Pelvic Reconstructive Surgeries

3D & 4D Pelvic Floor Ultrasound


Dr.Alphy S. Puthiyidom (Dr. Alphy) was one of the best doctors, inside and outside of America, that I have had the pleasure of meeting and experiencing. Her nurse assistant was a direct reflection of her. They both were so pleasant and forth coming with answers to my questions and anything else that I forgot. Even when Dr. Alphy was not smiling (which was rare), she looked pleasant and approachable.

She was well informed on the various procedures that I could have chosen, and she did not force-feed me any one particular procedure. After hearing the pros and cons, it was my choice.

SHORT NOTE: I went to another hospital and doctor before IMH and Dr. Alphy. She gave me one choice. She was so doom-and-gloom with a pleasant smile on her face the whole time. I could not wait to get out of there.

I took my husband to meet Dr. Alphy because I did not want my choice to be biased because of the other doctor. My husband loved her. He kept mentioning how pleasant she was and how, based on the number of procedures that she performed pertaining to my procedure, she would be a good choice.

After my procedure, she came to visit multiple times to make sure everything was fine with me. I know that is a doctor’s job to follow up with their patient(s) after a procedure but Dr. Alphy did not seem to mind. It did not appear like it was, just, protocol to come check on her patient. She cared whether I felt okay.

I am almost eight weeks post-op. I feel great! I sent Dr. Alphy a message a few days ago to thank her…. again, and she responded back with gratitude.

She did not have to do that, but she did. That shows great character.

Honorable mention: The nurses who watched over me and took care of me (even when they had to wake me up during the night for whatever reason) after my procedure were GREAT! Not just one of them, all of them were GREAT!

Look Dr. Alphy up. Read her bio. I would definitely go back to her! Hopefully, no time soon. 🙂

Porchia Dallas

bladder endometriosis

Had my excision surgery in january with Dr Alphy and that was the best decision ever. I had a bladder endometriosis that caused me so much pain, physically and mentally… I travelled to Dubai to meet her. She was so reassuring and professional. My recovery was very fast, and now all my symptoms have disappeared. I finally have a normal life!


Laparoscopic Hysterectomy for Mom

Successful laparoscopic hysterectomy for my mom. My mom had problems with her uterus which required surgery. As my mom had some risk factors, we were quite worried about her surgery .We heard about Dr Alphy from one of our friends and she highly recommended to meet her .Dr Alphy was very friendly and approachable at any time.She explained everything about the surgery and patiently answered all our queries.My mom had a smooth surgery with very minimal scars and she was back home the next day of surgery. She would respond to our calls and messages when ever we had queries even after we were back home with my mom. With my personal experience i would say Dr Alphy is one of the best Laparoscopic surgeons in Dubai. Thank you Dr Alphy for taking care of my mom .



I would like to thank you to Doctor Alphy and all the staff. I stayed 2 night for my Laparoscopy surgery multiple cysts removal. I dont feel any pain even after the surgery 3rd day I can drive and go for shopping. If you have problem Like mine. I highly Recommended Doctor Alphy she will explain every detail you need to know. Before and after the surgery. She is the best doctor I ever incounter. 

Delia and Dylan TV

If you or anyone you know is suffering or suspected to have Ovarian cysts/ Endometriosis/ Adenomyosis, Dr. Alphy is the BEST! Thank you Mediclinic for having her!

I went to see her as a second opinion and i was so impressed by how thorough she was in her assessment of my case, PLUS she has excellent bed side manner that as an Ob-Gyne Doctor is most important!!! After explaining in detail to me of my situation, she told me she will take care of me and that alone won me over. She was easily reachable for any concern, which is perfect for me being someone with low tolerance for pain and easily panics. LOL.

She performed laparascopic surgery on me a few weeks back and again she made me feel so confident that it will all go well, and it did. She told me i would feel no pain at all and it was true.

Also, very important was how small the cuts were despite the sizes of the cysts that she removed and all were almost healed in a matter of days!!! She explained in detail the findings and planned for my recovery to me and till now i can reach out to her for any concerns i have. I get paranoid whenever i feel discomfort in my abdomen, and she would patiently reassure me that its part of my healing. 🙂

Being sick away from home can be very taxing. But with Dr. Alphy, she has shown genuine concern and proven her modern expertise that made all the difference. I have been recommending her to all my friends!!! Thank you Dr. Alphy!

Ellen L

I would like to thank Dr. Alphy Puthiyidom for her great support rendered in my recent laparoscopy in Welcare Garhoud hospital. I recovered quite fast after the surgery. I feel very much blessed as doctor Alphy took care of me throughout my surgical procedure, hospital stay, all my follow-ups until today & has a lot of patience to answer to every small questions & doubts. She is very confident & well versed in her profession. if anyone is suffering from uterus issues, fibroids, cysts or any gynecology issues, please don’t suffer or be afraid. I would highly recommend women to seek Dr. Alphy for your treatment. I would also thank all the nurses & doctors & Welcare hospital who attended me with care during my stay.

Claudia Burkley

My wife just had fibroid surgery with Dr Alphy. This is first time we are writing review in Dubai in last 10 years because we are highly impressed with her.

She is expert in fibroid surgery in Dubai, we contacted just based on google reviews, but she has taken care everything very professionally and personally. I strongly recommend her.

Bavesh Kakhkhar

I’m very much pleased with the hospital doctors and nurses. Dr Alphy is a sweet lady with a bright smile. Which makes the patient at ease. She gave me a detailed information about my operation and also, I was the fibroid and polyp after the procedure. She is a well experienced doctor. A special thanks to her nurses for being so kind and helpful.

Safeena Marikar Irfan

My experience with Dr Alphy was quite positive. The warmth in her communication was confident professional advise gave me the comfort and trust on her ability to resolve my issue. Her advice on the post-operative care was crisp and clear.

I was grateful that my experience was so positive. I send my heartfelt thanks to her and the nurses who assisted. I would wish her and her team to continue to do the good job.

Uma Suresh Subramaniam


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