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I was recently admitted in Mediclinic Welcare Hospital in Garhoud, Dubai for undergoing a medical procedure. I must say that this hospital has maintained their standard from the very beginning with most experienced doctors, nurses and other staffs. A very organized internal process makes the normal OP or admission process very seamless to patients.
We can feel the caring attitude exhibited by one an all, including the Doctor.The way a patient is handed over to the nurse coming in the next shift is unbelievably superb as in most hospitals, the handover process is messy and they miss half the updates to be given to next person!
I would like to express my gratitude to Dr Alphy Puthiyidom ,Laparoscopic Surgeon who did my treatment successfully and must say that she is very kind, caring, patient and willing to listen to needs of the patients and clearly explains the health status to patient. Another point I must say is that there is a great co ordination between Dr and nurse - Ms Mariam who is always reachable via email or phone to clarify all queries and ready to extend support always. Thank you very much the Great Team @ Welcare!

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  • Dijina Rajesh

Amazing hospitality, great service and care by doctor Alphy Puthiyidom and all the nurses here. I would 100% recommend this hospital. I consulted 3 doctors in different hospitals who complicated things, however, doctor Alphy was very professional and commented on my condition only after checking me in detail. I instantly felt like I could trust her and I personally feel that is Very important when you are in a difficult situation, she is one of the best gynecologist in Dubai. Also, I want to appreciate sister Mariam for her utmost care right from admission to discharge as she ensured I was comfortable throughout. I love how the hospital is run by majorly women.

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  • Noora Mohamed

Dr. Alpy Puthiyidom is the best Doctor and I want to provide her millions of stars for professionalism and caring attitude towards her patients.
She came to my life as an angel and saved me from my long suffering problem. I was suffering from heavy menstrual bleeding with passage of large clots since 8-9 months. I was so confused and went to India to consult Doctors, but I wanted to get my surgery done in my country where my family are there. I was surfing internet to get a good Gynecologist and got to see Dr.Alpy's profile and many excellent feedback from her patients. She told me exactly same what I was told in India that I had Endometrosis of ovary with multiple fibroids. Also my right Ovary had cyst o 6x5cm. She gave me full picture of my situation and explained the surgery procedures. On 3rd March I underwent Laparoscopic surgery with Dr.Alphy and removed my uterus and right ovary. Dr.Alphy promised me before surgery that she will try her level best to retain my left ovary if it is in good condition and she kept her promise. Before I was taken to Anastasia room, I saw Dr. Alphy and she kept her hands on head and said "Don't worry, everything will be alright". I was very pleased with all procedures. Every single staff I met before, during and after my surgery (3 days stay) in the hospital were very friendly and made me feel very comfortable. They way they took care of me I never felt I was away from my family. Nurse Mariam Reji who is with Dr. Alphy is one of the best nurse I dealt with. She is so humble, caring and always ensure to call you back if you leave message to Dr.Alphy for follow-up. I strongly recommend Dr.Alphy to everyone who is looking for the BEST GYNAECOLOGIST and Welcare
Hospital staff are the best.

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  • Muna Almansoori

I had my laproscopy surgery for fibroid removal and she had treated AVM as well....It was done this year in May... and it was done perfectly so well with so much confident....
I am so much comfortable with Dr. Alphy.. she is the best doctor I have ever met...I want to wish her all the success and happiness and love ...
I wish every doctor to be like her...
Thank you Dr. Alphy! God bless...:)

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  • Deep Soly

Special thanks to Dr. Alphy, her nurse Mariam Reji as well as Dr. Priya - the Anesthesiologist - who made such a wonderful job during my recent surgery. Everything from A to Z was taken care of by this professional team starting from Dr. Alphy being a perfect listener, adviser and surgeon to the inpatient team especially nurse Annamma who did all her best during my one night stay at welcare hospital. Thank you so much!

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  • Nahid Yn

I had an absolutely fantastic experience with Dr Alphy Puthiyidom for Endometriosis treatment. She is a highly skilled surgeon for endometriosis and my treatment has been 10/10 - Nurse Mariam is wonderful and very helpful, too!

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  • Sarah-Jane Savage

Recently I visited the Welcare Hospital Garoud for my gynecological issue and consulted Dr Alphy S Puthiyidom. She was so kind and friendly and her nurse Ms Mariam was very helpful. Dr.Alphy explained everything about my disease in a very clear manner and treatment options. All the staffs were friendly and helpful. Highly recommend .

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  • Vandana Menon

I had a surgery with Dr. Alphy. It went extremely well, and the service was delightful. The way the nurses and doctors treated me was out of this world. I felt loved and cared for in this hospital. Dr. Alphy and her team of nurses cared for me during my entire stay at this hospital. I was able to get a good night’s sleep free of pain. I would like to sincerely thank Dr.Muhammad Azawi for recommending Dr. Alphy Puthiyidom to me.

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  • Sonia Karim

I would like to express my sincere appreciation & gratitude to Dr. Alphy Puthiyidom, Nurse Mariam, and to all Nurse & staff of Mediclinic Welcare Hospital for taking good care of me while I'm in the hospital.
Dr. Alphy understand the patient needs and she is very approachable and humble doctor.Thank you very much Dr. Alphy, you are one of the best Gynecologist I've ever met.

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  • Jing Jing

If we could give more stars we would! The staff took care of my wife very well. Special thanks to our surgeon, Dr. Alphy, Nurse Precilla who was our Day-Nurse and Nurse Farah in the evening. All of them are efficient including their room services & house keeping. You will feel the concern and they love what they do. There are also a few other Doctors who visited and checked on my wife from time to time. Excellent and loving care, that's what they give!

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  • Ramil D

I had a Laparascopic total Hysterectomy operation/procedure. The surgery was successful. Thank you so much Dr. Maha and Dr. Alphy, as well as the nurses and staff were amazing and very attentive to my needs. They took good care of me and emphatetic to my feelings.

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  • Famela Padagdag

My wife went through a total laparoscopic hysterotomy for removal of her uterus after diagnosis of intramural multiple fibroid growth, thickness in endometrium and its related symptoms. Surgery was done last Thursday and amazingly she was able to walk on that day itself and is back to her normalcy with some precautions on movements as it is to be observed per advise. It really amazing.
I must say that Dr. Alphy Puthiyidom is so professional in her approach in explaining the whole thing from beginning till end and we changed our mind in doing it at this hospital only, as otherwise, we were thinking to get it done from India. Her diagnosis approach, and explanation of the situation to both me and my wife was really helpful and was of great relief to us. What a satisfaction for both of us and really wonderful Dr. Alphy.
The nurse at Dr. Alphy's OP, Ms. Mariam was also helpful in guiding us through out the appointment stages and follow ups by giving us proper and timely calls and advises. Really amazing. Thankyou very much Ms. Mariam
During the two days in hospitalization, a remarkable experience in the room was of the services of the attending nurse Ms. Neethu, the night shift nurse. From the hour she starts her duty in the evening till morning her duty end, she keeps the energy to full level and attend to patients at regular intervals , really amazing. Overall we are fully satisfied with the service and our special thanks to Ms. Neethu as well.
Welcare is a name you can Trust and more importantly the team of Dr. Alphy's. Abdu Nasar & Family

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  • Manazer MA

This is an amazing hospital. Recently I had a surgery with Dr. Alphy and her nurse Mariamma. They along with the maternity ward nurses took great care of me. I am very glad that I chose this hospital for my surgery.

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  • Prescilla Dsouza

One of the best hospitals I have ever visited. Dr. Alphy Puthyadam was my consultant surgeon ,who is highly professional ,who has taken care of both the pre and post surgical requirements exceptionally well. An amazing person with high spirits and always there to answer my queries . I cannot complete this review without mentioning about sister Maryam ,who was always in front with helping hand.

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  • Sabitha Das

Extremely happy with the treatment, care and hospitality given by Dr Alphy Puthiyidom and the team at Mediclinic Welcare Hospital along with Nurse Ms.Mariam made most comfortable arrangements and got best treatment to Mrs Remya. Dr Mahalakshmi and the theatre staff all were very helpful and got good care. Thanks a lot and keep up the good work and best wishes to Mediclinic Welcare Hospital team.

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  • Snehal Cm

Dr. Alphy S. Puthiyidom was absolutely incredible. She went above and beyond to help me get to the root of my problem and explain how to move forward with treatment. After seeing many other doctors, I am so grateful that I went to see her for another opinion.

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  • Leah Sugs

My wife just had fibroid surgery with Dr Alphy. This is first time we are writing review in Dubai in last 10 years because we are highly impressed with her.
She is expert in fibroid surgery in Dubai, we contacted just based on google reviews, but she has taken care everything very professionally and personally. I strongly recommend her.
Giving 4 star because Welcare Mediclinic hospitality is not that impressive but overall we are very happy.

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  • Bhavesh K

I would like to thank Dr. Alphy Puthiyidom for her great support rendered in my recent laparoscopy in Welcare Garhoud hospital. I recovered quite fast after the surgery. I feel very much blessed as doctor Alphy took care of me through out my surgical procedure, hospital stay, all my follow-ups until today & has a lot of patience to answer to every small questions & doubts. She is very confident & well versed in her profession. if anyone is suffering from uterus issues, fibroids, cysts or any gynecology issues, please don't suffer or be afraid. I would highly recommend women to seek Dr. Alphy for your treatment, she is the best fibroid surgeon in Dubai. I would also thank all the nurses & doctors & Welcare hospital who attended me with care during my stay.

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  • CB

I would like thank you to Doctor Alphy and all the staff. I stayed 2 night for my Laparoscopy surgery multiple cysts removal. I dont feel any pain even after the surgery 3rd day I can drive and go for shopping. If you have problem Like mine. I highly Recommended Doctor Alphy she will explain every details you need to know. Before and after the surgery. Dr Alphy is the best gynecologist I ever incounter. 😘

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  • Simple PG Family

If you or anyone you know is suffering or suspected to have Ovarian cysts/ Endometriosis/ Adenomyosis, Dr. Alphy is the BEST! Thank you Mediclinic for having her!
I went to see her as a second opinion and i was so impressed by how thorough she was in her assessment of my case, PLUS she has excellent bed side manner that as an Ob-Gyne Doctor is most important!!! After explaining in detail to me of my situation, she told me she will take care of me and that alone won me over. She was easily reachable for any concern, which is perfect for me being someone with low tolerance for pain and easily panics. LOL.
She performed laparascopic surgery on me a few weeks back and again she made me feel so confident that it will all go well, and it did. She told me i would feel no pain at all and it was true.
Also, very important was how small the cuts were despite the sizes of the cysts that she removed and all were almost healed in a matter of days!!! She explained in detail the findings and planned for my recovery to me and till now i can reach out to her for any concerns i have. I get paranoid whenever i feel discomfort in my abdomen, and she would patiently reassure me that its part of my healing. 🙂
Being sick away from home can be very taxing. But with Dr. Alphy, she has shown genuine concern and proven her modern expertise that made all the difference. I have been recommending her to all my friends!!! Thank you Dr. Alphy!

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  • Ellen L

Mediclinic Welcare Hospital – Al Garhoud surely has proved one of the best hospitals for me in Dubai. Dr. Alphy Puthiyidom was recommended by a friend of mine and I am so happy Dr. Alphy has been wonderful! Right from my first visit in March everything was explained to me in detail she is clearly very knowledgeable and experienced. I would also like to thank Dr. Rabia Cherqaoui who very patiently monitored my sugar level during my recovering days and lastly my special thanks goes to Dr. Alphy’s Nurse - Mariam Reji who has been doing her work with so much dedication and care.
On the day of my procedure I was taken to the OT in a very friendly manner by Nurse Pricella to make sure I was not getting too nervous. Even after the procedure when I was taken back to the room she made sure I was comfortable and taken good care of.
Mediclinic hospital overall I would rate 4 out of 5. Service, Tests, Nurses, Staff, Billing team all were polite and helpful. My only complaint would be that the toilets all over the hospital are very untidy, even to my surprise the rooms too were not cleaned properly. Please make sure this issue is taken care of.

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  • Mackline Martin